lucky draw

earn more ADA,
participate in our monthly lucky draw

Get your chance to earn more ADA and participate in our monthly Lucky Draw

Every month 1,000 ADA will be given to a lucky winner.
How to participate? Very simple! Right after Staking with MAIN, claim your stake here and provide an address to which funds will be sent

SPOs are obliged to charge 340 ADA per epoch in terms of “Costs per Epoch”. MAIN is a low-cost Pool. We can give back to our loyal Stakers and offer the opportunity to accumulate more ADA

Lucky Draw 5

Feeling lucky?

You don’t need to be a whale to earn an extra reward

Each participant has an initial chance proportional to their stake to win the prize

Randomly, the chances of a single contestant will be multiplied by 10!

With a stake of 10,000ADA, you could have the same chances of someone with 100,000ADA and win 1,000ADA (10% of your stake on a single round…) pretty sweet, right?

Please provide your name (or nickname)

Email address for contacting (no publicity will be sent)

Include in the message:

the amount of ADA staked
the address to which your reward will be sent

*Disclaimer: this promotion will only be valid provided one block at least has been minted per epoch in the month when the promotion takes place

**Your data will be stored securely, will only be used for Lucky Draw purposes and will be deleted automatically once you stop Staking with MAIN in accordance to the General Data Protection Regulation of May 25, 2018

Decentralisation supporter and Cardano believer. Running a small SPO is MAIN’s way of contributing to this phenomenal project.

1% Fees, forever guaranteed! Given the very low maintenance costs, MAIN is able to provide a high quality service without the need of high fees.

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