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Low-Cost Infrastructure

Located in Hamburg and operating on a low-cost / low-maintenance infrastructure

Currently operating 4 Relay nodes and 1 Block-Producing node distributed in two Raspberry-Pis model 4 of 4 GB and 8 GB respectively

Each Relay is connected to different Relays to maximise connectivity. In order to prevent down-time with the Block-Producing node, a script continuously checks its correct functioning and launches a back-up in case it has stopped working

Nodes operate 24/7 without the need of cloud storage which increases the reliability and security of the process, given that no external source is introduced

The 4 Relay infrastructure is very solid fail-safe process which guarantees that the Block-Producing node is always fed with the blockchain

Why Choose Us

Where simplicity is key
Promote and Support a decentralized network
Low-Cost Infrastructure
Earn extra with our Lucky Draw
1-on-1 Support

Ubuntu booted from USB3

The Operating System is Ubuntu and, in order to prevent Hardware failure is booted from a USB3 stick. (SD cards that constantly read and write fail after a short while)

Internet Connection

Internet connection provides readings of 60 Mbps and 12 Mbps of download/upload which leads to a 3ms ping. More than enough to be synchronised at all times

Compiled Binaries

Some SPOs have experienced issues when compiling the software in the aarch64 Hardware Architecture. If you wish to download the binary files, please click here: cardano-cli cardano-node

Decentralisation supporter and Cardano believer. Running a small SPO is MAIN’s way of contributing to this phenomenal project.

1% Fees, forever guaranteed! Given the very low maintenance costs, MAIN is able to provide a high quality service without the need of high fees.

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