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Low-Cost Infrastructure

Located in Hamburg and operating locally on a low-cost / low-maintenance infrastructure at home

Currently operating two Relays and one Block-Producer nodes distributed in three Raspberry-Pis model 4 of 8 GB

Each Relay is connected to different Relays to maximise connectivity making use of the community tool Topology Updater. In order to prevent down-time with any of the blocks, a systemctl “daemon” takes control of the running script and automatically restarts them in case of unexpected failure

Nodes operate 24/7 without the need of cloud storage which increases the reliability and security of the process, given that no external source is introduced

The two Relay / one Block-Producer setting, with the current versions of the cardano-node, is very stable and solid fail-safe which guarantees that the Block-Producing node is always fed with the blockchain

Why Choose Us

Where simplicity is key
Promote and Support a decentralized network
Low-Cost Infrastructure
Earn extra with our Lucky Draw
1-on-1 Support

Ubuntu booted from USB3

The Operating System is Ubuntu 20.04 and, in order to prevent Hardware failure is booted from a USB3 stick. (SD cards that constantly read and write fail after a short while and cardano-node main operations are r/w ones)

Internet Connection

Internet connection provides readings of 60 Mbps and 12 Mbps of download/upload which leads to a 3ms ping. More than enough to be synchronised at all times. Moreover Chrony is enable to ensure proper time synchronisation at all time

The Raspberry Pi's

Aarch64 architectures provide a really low power consumption (10W, combining for a total of 30W). This is a very cheap & eco-friendly solution to contribute to the network. The local set-up adds an extra layer of security when it comes to preventing undesired accesses

Decentralisation supporter and Cardano believer. Running a small SPO is MAIN’s way of contributing to this phenomenal project.

1% Fees, forever guaranteed! Given the very low maintenance costs, MAIN is able to provide a high quality service without the need of high fees.

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